Voith releases Dtect monitoring system

Voith releases Dtect monitoring system

System offers real-time monitoring and optimization of driveline performance.


Voith, with U.S. offices in York, Pennsylvania, has introduced Dtect, which it describes as an “intelligent” monitoring system that provides real-time data on driveline performance and coupling status. With this data, the operator can take actions to prevent potential problems and avoid unplanned downtime. By supporting better decision-making, Dtect helps to increase productivity as well as to significantly lower production and maintenance costs, Voith says.

Dtect enables comprehensive monitoring of a driveline’s torque limiting couplings. It was specifically designed to work with couplings, such as Voith’s SmartSet, which serve to prevent machine damage in high-value rotating equipment. It is also possible to upgrade existing couplings with this intelligent system.

Through continuous measurement of the slip angle, Dtect identifies and monitors coupling slippage caused by high torque peaks in a driveline. This allows operators to take action if necessary, for example, by adjusting the load of the driveline or by performing a controlled shutdown. As a result, operators will experience increased uptime, reduced maintenance and lower spare parts cost, the manufacturer says.

Dtect uses an updated quadruple sensor setup that increases the sensing range without affecting the resolution of the expanded measurement. By analyzing the slip behavior of the coupling, Voith says, the operator can evaluate if the system is running at full capacity and, if not, adjust the parameters accordingly. Further, proactive coupling maintenance can be performed to avoid costly downtime.

Dtect can monitor multiple couplings at the same time, allowing for simultaneous monitoring of all connected drivelines.

Equipped with Modbus TCP/IP communications, Dtect is easily integrated into established process information networks, Voith says. Given its high flexibility, the system can be adopted with ease to other communication standards to fit a wide range of requirements.

Dtect can be fitted with an integrated HMI (human-machine interface) touch panel.