Venezuela touts national recycling policy

Nation’s Ministry of Ecosocialism and Water will target landfill diversion.

February 2, 2018

Venezuela’s national government is preparing a campaign to emphasize the importance of recycling to businesses, individuals and institutions, with an emphasis on how to recycle properly.

According to an online report from the Caracas-based El Universal, the government pegged the kickoff of the campaign to a day of environmental education on Jan. 26, 2018.

The media report indicates Venezuela’s national government will promote the recycling plan in schools, communities and institutions, beginning with a “day of environmental education” that took place Jan. 26, 2018.

That day’s activities and the campaign to follow will be led by Fundambiente, a not-for-profit organization supported by Venezuela’s Ministry of Ecosocialism and Water (MINAE).

The campaign will be designed to “carry out several activities that will motivate [people’s] ecological conscience,” and includes references to the “the three Rs: reduce, recycle and reuse.” Recycling-specific education, including guidelines on what is recyclable and what typically is not, will be part of the campaign.

The El Universal article states that “cities such as Caracas experience serious problems with waste management,” and that the recycling of plastic, paper, cardboard, tires and other materials can help alleviate them.

MINAE’s president is quoted as saying that recycling can help “solve the problem of waste management and [thus] make the landfill only get the rest of the material that cannot be recycled.”

Another part of the program will involve citizen cleanup campaigns, wherein recyclables can be collected and brought to municipally-approved collection centers.

The recycling campaign begins while Venezuela is battling hyperinflation and is embroiled in a political situation that has earned the disapproval of the United States and other Western Hemisphere nations.