Vecoplan’s VAZ 1300 M FF features the SureCut system

Vecoplan’s VAZ 1300 M FF features the SureCut system

The SureCut system offers single-stage size reduction of plastic films, synthetic fibers.

May 18, 2018
Edited by DeAnne Toto
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The VAZ 1300 M FF from German company Vecoplan features the company’s patented SureCut shredding system. The SureCut system was designed for single-stage size reduction of plastic films and synthetic fibers being reclaimed for extrusion. In addition to incorporating SureCut technology, FF models have thermal monitoring controls, built-in metering capabilities and are engineered for high throughput, according to the company.

The SureCut shredding system incorporates a specialized rotor cutting geometry, a wedge bed knife, a close-tolerance cutting configuration, a reinforced close-tolerance screen and hard-faced cutter mounts. The specialized cutting geometry incorporates rows of flat “nip” cutters positioned at optimal intervals between the standard concave cutting inserts on the rotor, Vecoplan says. These nip cutters mesh with the precision-machined wedge bed knife to shear strands of film or synthetic fibers before they can wrap around the rotor. The angle of elevation on the wedge bed knife is engineered for maximum shredding efficacy in synthetics applications, the supplier says.

The reinforced, close-tolerance screen is configured to augment the rotor’s natural cutting action and to prevent screen plugging, which is a common challenge in film and fiber applications.

Hard-faced cutter mounts are designed to deliver longer wear life, especially when recycling materials that are abrasive because of residual grit, such as found in used agricultural film and postconsumer carpet.

Vecoplan says the combination of technical innovations incorporated into its FF models prevent synthetic materials from self-feeding and wrapping the cutting rotor, to deliver effective size reduction of films and fibers.

Other benefits of Vecoplan’s SureCut shredding system include precise cut lengths and high bulk densities and throughput rates.

The machine’s hopper has a volume capacity of 3.75 cubic yards and a 52-inch-by-58-inch infeed opening. Its 15-inch diameter rotor has 60 40-by-40-millimeter cutting inserts plus 29 nip-cutters. It is powered by a 150-horsepower motor and is fed by a 5-horsepower two-speed hydraulic feed ram.

More information is available at The company is represented in the U.S. by Vecoplan LLC, High Point, North Carolina.   

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