Valmet to supply expanding Malaysian containerboard maker

Valmet to supply expanding Malaysian containerboard maker

Finnish equipment firm will supply new papermaking machine to GS Paperboard & Packaging.


Finland-based Valmet Oyj has announced it will supply an OptiConcept M containerboard making line to Malaysia-based GS Paperboard & Packaging (GSPP) Sdn. Bhd., which is based in Selangor, Malaysia. The new production line will be paper machine 3 (PM 3), and is being designed to allow GSPP to produce testliner and fluting grades. The start-up of PM 3 is scheduled for 2021.

On its website, GSPP refers to itself as a company whose “products are made of 100 percent recycled [scrap] paper sourced from the trades, offices, shops and homes by our Wastepaper Collection Centres all over Malaysia.”

Although Valmet is not disclosing the value of the PM3 order, the equipment maker says, “The total value of an order of this type is typically around €60 to €70 million ($68 million to $80 million).

“We have built a strong and long-lasting relationship with Valmet, which set a very good base for the negotiations,” says Sia Boon Soon, president of GSPP. “Valmet's excellent references were another important cornerstone,” he adds.

“The customer had a clear idea about the machine concept from the very beginning,” comments says Timo Puijola, a senior sales manager with Valmet. “Thanks to our close cooperation and interactive discussions with the PM3 project team, we were able to find together a solution that fits well for the customer’s needs.”   

Valmet’s delivery will include equipment for a stock preparation system and what it calls a high-capacity OptiConcept M containerboard machine, which Valmet indicates is the 26th OptiConcept M line sold globally.

The delivery consists of a PM line from headbox to reel, followed by an OptiWin Drum two-drum winder with transfer rails. The delivery will also include an OptiAir Hood high humidity hood, OptiAir Recovery heat recovery with other related air and ventilation systems, a surface starch preparation system and supply system for sizer as well as Valmet Paper Machine Clothing package for start-up

The machine will produce fluting and testliner at a designed daily capacity 1,445 metric tons.

GSPP describes itself as the largest containerboard and integrated paper and packaging manufacturer in Malaysia with two (soon to be three) paper machines and 18 converting machines. It operates as a subsidiary of Oji Holdings Corp., which claims to be Asia’s biggest and the world’s fourth largest pulp and paper company.