Untha UK launches shredder rebuild division
Marcus Drew of Untha UK
Untha UK

Untha UK launches shredder rebuild division

Funding from the Product and Process Innovation helped to make the division possible.

October 30, 2019

Untha UK, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, has created a division dedicated to the complete rebuild of its machinery. The company, therefore, can take back unwanted machines and restore them so that they almost match the condition at the time of their initial commissioning.

“The pace of change within the waste and recycling sector is undeniable,” says Untha UK Managing Director Marcus Brew. “This means that some companies outgrow their shredding technology after five to 10 years and move on to look for an upgraded machine. But this shouldn’t render their incumbent equipment redundant.”

He adds, “We spend all of our working lives at Untha UK helping clients make better use of the country’s resources to ensure we reduce, reuse and recycle more ‘waste.’ Now we’re really practicing what we preach by devising a return-to-base scheme that keeps high-value equipment within the supply chain too.”

The Product and Process Innovation (PAPI) project made the new division possible. PAPI is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020.  The PAPI project is delivered by the University of York and provides grants that help businesses from the region to spearhead the creation of new goods and services.

“The whole process was fantastic,” Brew says. “The PAPI team really embraced our vision and gave us a large investment which meant we could be up and running—with a fully fledged new division—in a single phase.

“We now have a stronger client proposition, will have created three jobs by the end of 2019 and have strengthened our own commitment to the environment at the same time,” he adds.

Darrell Hooper, PAPI innovation adviser, says: “This is a great example of a business diversifying from its core product of selling brand new equipment. This capital investment means that Untha can refurbish and revitalize older, less-efficient equipment rather than consigning it to the scrap pile. The refurbished products also make a perfectly priced entry level point for smaller businesses to manage their shredding needs.”