Renewi furthers sustainability with 'circular' bins

Renewi furthers sustainability with 'circular' bins

U.K.-based waste management company says curbside bins will be made from recovered plastics.

February 4, 2019

United Kingdom-based waste and recycling firm Renewi PLC is introducing what it calls "innovative circular bins" made from recovered and recycled plastics, as well as old curbside containers that are at their end of life.

Renewi says the circular concept will apply to the firm's “rolling bins” in the Netherlands.

Going forward, any new types of curbside collection containers will be "completely circular," the firm says.

Renewi plans to deliver the recovered plastics to plastics processing specialist Kunststof Recycling Netherland (KRN). The processor will then convert the plastics into a material that manufacturers ESO and Sulo will use to produce the new circular rolling bins.

The companies have been working together to develop the production process to enable "the correct specification and color" of Renewi containers.

"As a leading waste-to-product company, we think it’s important that our own activities are sustainable," says Otto de Bont, managing director of Renewi’s Commercial Waste Netherlands Division. "The circular rolling bin is a good example of this. We are showing that we practice what we preach and at the same time we are showing that a good collaboration in the chain can give great results. That’s something we’re extremely proud of.”