Sebright debuts baler lineup at ISRI2019

Sebright debuts baler lineup at ISRI2019

The balers feature a through-the-door wire feed system as a safety precaution.


Sebright Products Inc., Hopkins, Michigan, released the BaleWulf line of balers at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) 2019 Convention & Exposition April 8-11 in Los Angeles. The company incorporated a vertical interlocking door and through-the-door wire feed system on the BaleWulf to ensure safety. The through-the-door wire feed system accepts both quick-lock and looped-end wire. The system allows the operator to feed and tie off wires from one location, standing at the door of the baler. 

BaleWulf balers can achieve maximum bale weights with minimum horsepower. The company reports that other key features include an optional pneumatic clean-out system and integrated piercer to help keep wire guides clear of debris and to save time on tying off the bale. The integrated piercer design clears the wire channels in the ram face and guides wires through, allowing for a quick bale tie off. The teeth of the piercer bolt on for easy replacement. According to Sebright, the piercer offers safety advantages by eliminating the need to be on top of the baling chamber to clear channels. 

The baler’s progressive shear is made from T1 Tool Steel, a material that is tough and allows the blades to keep their cutting edges longer than a typical cold-rolled steel shear blade. The design uses a tapered cutting edge and a serrated blade that decreases the surface area in contact with the materials, which allows for more recyclables to be sheared at once.