UK firm advocates for secure aspects of recycling

UK firm advocates for secure aspects of recycling

Russell Richardson urges firms to consider security aspects before recycling.

April 6, 2018
Edited by Brian Taylor

Discarded branded packaging needs to be handled with care, exhibitors representing United Kingdom-based Russell Richardson told attendees of the Label & Print 2018 event Feb. 28 to March 1 at the Birmingham NEC convention center in the U.K.

Sheffield, U.K.-based Russell Richardson indicates its team members at the event “were there to help companies get rid of print waste, misprinted, surplus or damaged packing and reels securely.”

The firm, which works throughout the U.K., states it was the only exhibitor at the event from the secure waste and recycling sector.

“Members of the print and packaging industry are well aware if there is any value in their waste, but often don’t focus on security when it comes to the destruction of branded material,” says the firm’s Marketing Manager Emma Moorhouse. “We advised numerous visitors on how to get rid of old stock and branded material responsibly.”

Russell Richardson, currently celebrating its 40th year in business, has a fleet of collection trucks and mobile shredders designed to work the length and breadth of the U.K. and to deal with small, scheduled collections to multiton one-time pickups.

The company has invested in a reel splitter to cater to print and packaging companies with rolls of material to destroy, taking reels and reel ends away for secure destruction and recycling.

Russell Richardson indicates its shredder can handle a range of materials, including branded plastics, uniforms, wrappers, cores, palletized paper and other bulky materials—at the rate of seven metric tons per hour. 

The family-run firm, founded in 1978, also offers secure document archiving and product destruction services, including the shredding of uniforms and apparel, computer hard drives, mobile phones and laptop computers.