Italian company installs 5 Redwave sorters

Italian company installs 5 Redwave sorters

RMB’s plant near Lago di Garda in Italy uses the machines to sort bottom ash and nonferrous metals from ASR.

October 25, 2018
Edited by DeAnne Toto
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In 2016 the RMB SpA plant near Lago di Garda in Italy rented and installed a Redwave sensor sorter for testing purposes, eventually purchasing a XRF/C unit from the Austrian company. RMB recycles thousands of tons of incinerated bottom ash and nonferrous metals from auto shredder residue (ASR) monthly.

According to a news release from Redwave, RMB quickly realized the full potential of the technology and invested in an additional five Redwave XRF/C machines for a new line to sort different metal fractions.

Redwave says this is the largest single order it has received in the metal recycling area in the company’s history.

“I am thankful and proud RMB puts so much trust in our XRF/C-technology,” says Martin Weiss, Global sales manager for Redwave XRF/C. “This order proves that the value created by our technology justifies the investment.”

These units use X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to identify and sort metals even when their surface is not representative of the material itself, as in the case of incinerator ash, the company says. It is possible to sort metals by type, Redwave says, adding that even the precious metals fraction can be identified and separated.

Redwave maintains branch offices in Germany, China, Singapore and in Norcross, Georgia, in the USA.

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