Remondis takes majority stake in M. Larsen

Remondis takes majority stake in M. Larsen

M. Larsen is involved in metals recycling in Denmark.

January 26, 2018
Edited by Dan Sandoval

Germany-based Remondis has taken a majority ownership stake in the Danish metals recycling company M. Larsen Vognmandsfirma A/S.

M. Larsen, headquartered in Copenhagen, operates 15 locations in Denmark, provides services to more than 1.3 million people and processes around 100,000 metric tons of recyclables per year. Claus Barslund, M. Larsen’s owner, had been looking for a partner for the future strategic development of his company, according to Remondis.

The management team at M. Larsen, including Barslund, will remain part of the company to ensure continuity and participate in the further development of M. Larsen's activities going forward, a Remondis news release indicates.

Remondis also states the partnership with M. Larsen will enable it to grow its market presence in Denmark and achieve its objective “of developing a truly sustainable circular economy across northern Europe.”

“With this new partnership, we want to continue providing for excellent services to the many clients of M. Larsen in Denmark, and where possible, provide additional features from our versatile environmental services portfolio,” remarks Hendrik Vonnegut, Remondis’ managing director. “As a company, we seek to expand and diversify our activities in the areas of water management, recycling and industry services and to thereby contribute to the further development of the already advanced level of the circular economy in Denmark with our broad international experience,” he adds.  

Remondis offers water management, recycling and industrial services in Germany and several other nations in northern Europe.