Recycling Technologies launches bin initiative at British music festival
Recycling Technologies trials plastic collection bins at British music festival.
Recycling Technologies.

Recycling Technologies launches bin initiative at British music festival

Bins being trialed at British Summer Time aim to show potential plastics collections at large-scale events.


As mounds of single-use plastics, including plastic bags, wrappers and bottles, are left behind at music sites and beaches every year, a new campaign is helping festivalgoers be more environmentally minded this summer.

Recycling Technologies, Swindon, England, in collaboration with Barclays, installed 25 on-site recycling bins at the 2019 British Summer Time music festival in Hyde Park, London, to collect and recycle single-use plastic that is typically discarded. The bins were trialed at the music festival July 8-11 to “show the potential at a large-scale event,” according to a news release.

“Barclays is proud to support Recycling Technologies and other innovative high growth U.K. businesses,” says Juliet Rogan, head of high growth entrepreneurs at Barclays. “We know that great businesses are often created by coming up with ways of solving the really important problems that people care about, such as the damage of single-use plastic.”

Rogan adds, “This is why we’re working with Recycling Technologies on this new initiative to show people what is now possible with plastic and that small actions, such as recycling a plastic bag, can have a huge impact on the environment.”

More than 60 British music festivals have pledged to eliminate single-use plastics by 2021. The bin initiative showcases the “positive impact of small U.K. businesses that are using technology to solve societal and environmental issues.”

The campaign aimed to collect more than 4,000 litres of plastic at the festival. Snack packets, plastic bags and bottle caps were collected and were be taken to Recycling Technologies, which recycles single-use plastics into a raw material used to make new plastic packaging products, the company says.

“Some plastics are vital to keep food fresh and healthcare safe, so our aim is to help ensure that this needed plastic is recycled,” says Elena Parisi, sales director at Recycling Technologies. “With the right support from companies such as Barclays, we can help plastic across the U.K. get a second, third, fourth chance at life. We urge everyone visiting the festival this summer to bin the plastic they bring with them and help do their part to make single-use a thing of the past.”