Pellenc touts Mistral+ for paper sorting

Pellenc touts Mistral+ for paper sorting

European equipment firm says device can help companies meet China’s tight standards.

July 26, 2018
Edited by Brian Taylor

Pertuis, France-based Pellenc ST says it can help recyclers meet the growing restrictions imposed on exporters sending scrap paper shipments to China.

The company says recent advancements at Pellenc ST “have given it a superior performance over all other optical sorting companies when it comes to purifying paper streams.” The company singles out its new Mistral+ machine as being able to achieve “what no others can and [to] guarantee the highest level of purity on the market today.”

Pellenc ST cites a combination of a high-performance machine and available options for light products sorting, such as the Turbosorter and Top Speed features, as being able to offer these benefits to recyclers:

  • a dedicated sorting configuration to remove brown cardboard from a deinking stream;
  • the patented Turbosorter that can keep the two-dimensional fraction stable;
  • the Top Speed feature designed to increase the conveyor belt speed from 3 to 4.5 meters per second (9.75 feet to 14.75 feet per second);
  • easy maintenance and reduced downtime;
  • real-time statistical and maintenance analysis to maximize site operational performance options; and
  • robust construction combined with smart technology.

The company says it is inviting plant operators to test out its Mistral+ on their own fiber streams. “Testing and full video reports are available for you to verify yourself the difference Pellenc ST can make,” states the firm.

Pellenc ST points to customers including Biffa in the United Kingdom and Recology in California in the United States as ones that have selected the Mistral+ for their new fiber sorting lines.

 A YouTube video of the Mistral+ can be found here.