Lindner to debut hot-wash system at K 2019
Lindner Washtech GmbH three-stage hot-wash system

Lindner to debut hot-wash system at K 2019

Lindner’s modular and compact hot-wash system features three stages and does not require any additional conveyors.

September 17, 2019

Lindner Washtech GmbH, Großbottwar, Germany, has developed a three-stage hot-wash system for effective plastics recovery, which will be on display at the K 2019 show in Düsseldorf, Germany. The solution offers effective cleaning and continuous output, Lindner reports in a news release.

Markets and big brands are reacting to sustainability trends and are demanding high-quality recyclables in increasing quantities, Lindner reports. To deliver on this demand, complex processing systems and washing technologies are needed. One specific challenge is posed by undesirable materials stuck to postcommercial and postconsumer film as well as unpleasant odors. The more effectively these materials can be removed, the higher the quality and the potential revenue, Lindner reports in a news release on its hot-wash system.

“When developing the new components, we focused on effective cleaning and continuous processing so that all preceding and subsequent equipment can be operated productively at all times,” says Harold Hoffmann, managing director of Lindner Washtech. “That is why we based this solution on our tried-and-tested technology, combined it with the advantages of hot washing and deliberately left out the otherwise common, but often vulnerable, batch processing.”

Lindner’s modular and compact hot-wash system features three stages and does not require any additional conveyors. In the first stage, the shredded and prewashed plastics are fed into a reactor, mixed with hot water and washed. At this stage, mixing arms apply concentrated friction to the material. The double discharge screw conveyor feeds the plastics into the new hot-wash rafter in optimally dosed quantities. According to Lindner, this is a new and improved version of the company’s rafter prewasher, in which continuous friction is applied to the material to remove and separate residues effectively and gently. In the third and final stage, Lindner’s Twister friction washer, a machine designed for this application, removes the hot water or the hot caustic solution. The liquid is then separately treated. 

The system can be operated with caustic solution to remove stubborn fat and oil residues, as well as glue, Lindner reports in a news release. The downstream water treatment system continuously monitors the water’s alkaline content and automatically applies the necessary chemicals. Alongside Lindner’s modern and robust shredders, the innovative hot-wash system is a key component in Lindner’s new system solutions for plastics recycling.

At K 2019

In addition to the indoor booth in Hall 9, D78/E75, Lindner Recyclingtech with its subsidiary Lindner Washtech will exhibit for the first time this year in the outside area. A system solution consisting of a shredder and a dry cleaning system can be seen in action, recycling plastics twice a day during K 2019.