Kuching, Malaysia, launches pilot recycling project
Jalan Semaba residents at the launching ceremony of the curbside collection pilot project.

Kuching, Malaysia, launches pilot recycling project

First curbside collection day set for Jan. 3, 2019.

December 17, 2018
Edited by Kelly Maile

Padawan Municipal Council (MPP), Malaysia, and Malaysia-based waste management company Trienekens Group are launching a curbside recycling collection project for residents in Jalan Semaba.

Under the pilot program, households will be able to recycle e-scrap, aluminum, plastic, steel, paper and cardboard and have access to curbside collection services for the first time, according to a Trienekens news release.

The project aims to raise awareness on the importance of recycling, waste reduction and environmental conservation.

MPP Chairman Lo Khere Chiang explains the main goal of the program is to increase the current household recycling rate, while laying the foundation for better recycling practices at home.

“We hope residents understand the need to do waste segregation at the source and will find it easier to recycle given the collection facility,” he says in the news release. “Over time, the practice will become a way of life.” 

The six-month pilot project will involve several households in the Jalan Semaba community. Trienekens and the council will distribute pamphlets and special recycling stickers before the first collection day.

Residents will be requested to separate household waste and pack recyclables in plastic bags or boxes marked with the special stickers. The first curbside collection is set for Jan. 3, 2019.

Trienekens Group CEO Stephen Chin says, “We need to look at the entire waste management system from generating less waste, to a better standardized recycling system. At Trienekens, we are always keen to look for effective and innovative solutions for our customers and the public, going beyond the standard municipal collection services to create a positive impact for the community and environment.” 

Chiang thanked the Jalan Semaba Community Association for their support and cooperation in the project and added the project will provide a good opportunity to “gauge the community’s environmental awareness” and responsiveness towards the service.

“If the first phase of pilot project goes well, we hope to branch out and include other locations in the project,” he says.