Erema, Baerlocher and APK take on plastic film recycling challenge at K 2019
The live demonstration of Erema, Baerlocher and APK on plastics recycling received great interest at K 2019.

Erema, Baerlocher and APK take on plastic film recycling challenge at K 2019

APK applies an additive to recycle plastic film into commercial products.

October 17, 2019

Austria-based Erema is hosting live recycling demonstrations at its Circonomic Centre throughout K 2019 Oct. 16-23 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Different case studies will show how various recycling challenges are tackled along the value chain, according to a news release.

Recycling postconsumer plastic film presents a challenge, even with careful raw material preparation in a modern recycling facility and state-of-the-art-equipment.

The problematic step is the reprocessing, which requires melt filtration through fine filters to get rid of contaminants. The material is exposed to very high temperature that frequently renders the polymer useless for film blowing. To avoid this, it is key to restabilize the material to protect the polymer during the melt filtration and the following processing step.

Erema, Germany-based recycling technologies company APK and Baerlocher will highlight how the combined know-how of machine manufactures, additive suppliers and processors enables upcycling of plastic film into a new product.

Erema will use an Intarema TVEplus film recycling line, which is installed at APK, to demonstrate how a small add-on, a Koch-Technic feeder, can expand the number of business cases the machinery can take on even further. This feeder is used to introduce an additive of the Baeropol T-Blend family of products from Baerlocher into the process.

The blend is an “important enabler to bring the additive dimension into recycling," the company says.

By combining the processing equipment with the additive concept, APK has been able to maximize the added value they bring into its commercial product, which can be used in demanding applications, including construction films.