Erema makes upper management changes
Pictured from left: Manfred Hackl and Horst Wolfsgruber

Erema makes upper management changes

Klaus Feichtinger, CEO of Erema Group GmbH, will step down at his own request and continue to serve as a manager at the company.


Erema Group GmbH, Ansfelden, Austria, announced that its Chief Executive Officer Klaus Feichtinger plans to step down at his own request at the beginning of the 2019-2020 financial year. He will continue to contribute to the company as a manager in the area of internet protocol and new technologies. 

Horst Wolfsgruber, chief financial officer at Erema, along with Manfred Hackl, CEO, will be responsible for the strategic planning and ongoing development of the entire group of companies. In order to be able to concentrate fully on this task, Hackl is handing over operational management of the subsidiary Erema. Markus Huber-Lindinger will take over areas of technology and production as managing director. Along with Michael Heitzinger, managing director responsible for sales, customer services and project planning, he forms the management team duo at Erema.

“We are convinced that this allocation of tasks will enable us to meet the many challenges, both in terms of the size of our group of companies, and due to the rapid changes in the industry, so that we can continue on our successful course of growth,” say Hackl and Heitzinger.

Company growth

Erema also announced plans to expand its headquarters in Ansfelden/Linz in response to increasing demand. According to a company news release, the company broke ground for the construction of additional production and office space that is scheduled to go into operation in the spring of 2020.

The company recently celebrated the 2018-2019 financial year as its most successful year in the company’s history. Consolidated turnover of more than EUR 180 million (more than $202 million) in the fiscal year represents an increase of 16 percent compared with the previous year. A total of 6,000 Erema plastics recycling machines are currently in operation in 108 countries around the world. The company reports that half of this volume was generated in Europe.

According to an Erema news release, the company’s growth is due to growing sales worldwide in all three recycling markets: postconsumer, in-house and industrial and bottle recycling. In the latter case, incoming orders almost tripled compared with previous years. Erema reports that it had high demand for its Vacurema technology and new processes based on it.