Andritz to supply tire recycling plant to German firm

System is expected to be operational in spring of 2019.

January 15, 2019

Austria-based equipment company Andritz has received an order from Germany-based Pyrum Innovations AG to supply a tire recycling plant for the firm’s thermolysis facility in Dillingen, Germany. When fully operational, the equipment will be able to process car and truck tires with a maximum diameter of 1,200 millimeters (47 inches) and a width of 300 millimeters (nearly 12 inches). The start-up of the recycling plant is scheduled for spring 2019.

According to Andritz, in the first section of the plant used tires will be shredded by an Andritz Universal rotary shear. The slowly rotating, twin-shaft cutter unit is suited for pre-shredding. In the second and third steps, the material is granulated further in Andritz’s Universal Granulator models UG1600S and UG1000H. The variable hole sizes in the granulating screen mounted underneath the rotating knife blocks determine the extent of granulation as well as the throughput. In the final section of the plant, the Andritz Universal Cutting Mill USM1000 will granulate the material into a defined particle size of 6 millimeters (one quarter of an inch) or smaller.

The complete tire recycling process will be capable of producing about one ton of granulate per hour, says Andritz. The rubber granulate will be further processed in the thermolysis plant to be converted into oil, gas and coke.

In addition, the Andritz scope of supply includes conveying, separating and screening technology and supervision of the installation and commissioning work.