Alpla, Texplast boost PET recycling in Germany
Alpla, Texplast PET recycling facility

Alpla, Texplast boost PET recycling in Germany

Texplast invests $4.5 million in new extrusion line.

December 20, 2018

Austrian-based plastics packaging manufacturer Alpla is working with Germany-based recycling company Texplast, a subsidiary of Fromm Plastics, to increase PET recycling capabilities in Europe.

According to a press release, Texplast is investing in a third extrusion line to increase the annual capacity at the facility to 27,000 tons of food-grade recycled PET, which will in turn be produced into preforms and beverage bottles.

Texplast recycles PET flakes into plastic bottles and food packaging. Alpla produces plastic packaging—food and beverages, cosmetics, household detergents and pharmaceuticals—in 45 countries. The companies have been working together on PET recycling since July 2018.

“The demand for recycled plastics is continuously increasing. In order to provide our clients with the amounts needed, we must step up our recycling activities,” says Georg Lässer, head of recycling at Alpla. “With Texplast as a partner, we have access to high-quality recyclable material in the German market. We are also securing ourselves expertise and experience in logistics and using the existing network with food retail.”

For the expansion, Texplast is currently building a new hall, which is expected to be operational by April 2019. According to Texplast, the company is investing $4.5 million at the facility.