Vortex De-pollution distributes A-Ward tilting container loaders

Vortex De-pollution distributes A-Ward tilting container loaders

The company will supply MiTilt throughout North America.

January 30, 2018
Edited by Megan Workman
Equipment & Products

Vortex De-pollution, Denver, has announced it is distributing tilting container loaders from New Zealand-based A-Ward.

The company will supply MiTilt, a tilting container loader for the scrap recycling industry, throughout North America.

Trace Nichols, sales development manager for Vortex De-pollution, says the tilting container loaders help companies to be more efficient in their operations as well as to reduce logistics costs. Additionally, the hydraulically powered containers help to maximize container space.

“You can load a container in 20 minutes,” Nichols says.

He adds, “The container loader is made to reduce the logistics costs and make you more efficient. You can load a container much faster with this.”

Nichols says the tilting container loaders are ideal for companies shipping loads overseas. They work for 20-foot and 40-foot containers.

A-Ward explains on its website that the MiTilt “allows a container to be tipped at your chosen angle—anywhere between -10° to 90°. By loading from above, you have access to 100 percent of the internal container volume. Shipping containers are inserted either directly with a standard trailer, or from above with a forklift, crane or reach stacker.”

For more information, contact Nichols by email at trace@vortexdepollution.com or by phone at 303-900-4040, ext. 301.