Henkel awards suppliers for contributions

Henkel awards suppliers for contributions

UPM Raflatac was recognized for its RafCycle label liner recycling process, which converts scrap liner to pulp and paper, enabling Henkel to recycle 500 tons of scrap liner per year.

January 31, 2018
Edited by Megan Workman
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Sustainability Award Beauty Care winner, Solvay, with representatives pictured from left: Ian McLean, Kamel Ramdani, Thomas Förster, Mick Holland, Emmanuel Butstraen, Sonia Renac, Niclas Wallén, Galder Cristobal and Jean-Pierre Marchand (Photo: Business Wire)


Henkel, a manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and functional coatings such as the Loctite brand headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, has presented 15 awards to its top suppliers for their best-in-class performances in 2017.

The awards were given at the 2018 American Cleaning Institute (ACI) Annual Meeting and Industry Convention, held Jan. 29 to Feb. 3 in Orlando, Florida. For the first time, Henkel awarded one winner and two second prizes for each of the five categories.

With a review of 2017 and a recap of Henkel’s 2020+ strategy, Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum, corporate senior vice president, R&D Laundry & Home Care, opened the award ceremony and welcomed more than 200 representatives of more than 30 major suppliers.

The awards presented include:

Clariant won the award as “Best Innovation Contributor Beauty Care 2017”

Thomas Förster, corporate vice president of R&D Beauty Care, explained the advantages of the newly developed Perlogen SF3000 by Clariant, a liquid pearlizing concentrate with 30 percent better efficiency when compared with standard pearlizers. Henkel Beauty Care applies this new ingredient in its shampoos for a silky shine that makes them appear richer, the company says.

The winners of the second prize include Ashland for novel cationic polymers with “excellent” care properties in styling and in hair care, Henkel says. Additionally, Symrise was recognized for its multicomponent formulation solution for high sunlight protection factor skin care creams combining skin protection with the benefits of a day cream.

Solvay honored as winner of the “Sustainability Award Beauty Care 2017”

For its sustainable guar initiative that has empowered 4,000 guar farmers in India, Solvay received the winning Sustainability Award for Beauty Care.

“Guar is a source of natural polymers used in home and personal care products,” says Förster. “We apply this sustainable ingredient in the Fiber Therapy technology of our Gliss Kur Hair Repair range.”

The second prizes went to Agrana for tailor-made, residue-free starches used in high-performing dry shampoos to reduce the usage of hot water, and to UPM Raflatac for its innovative RafCycle label liner recycling process, which converts scrap liner to pulp and paper, enabling Henkel to recycle 500 tons of scrap liner per year in its plants and to save more than 40 percent of energy and 10 percent of water in the paper production process.

IFF won “Best Innovation Contributor Laundry & Home Care 2017”

“To our new Suprême range of fabric finishers with fine fragrance perfume oils, IFF made a major contribution with the combination of multiphase capsule technology with substantive aroma-chemicals for a superior long-lasting scent experience,” says Michael Dreja, corporate director, Research Laundry & Home Care.

BASF was honored as a second prize winner for the joint development of a new high-performance ingredient for liquid laundry detergents with performance benefits in stain removal. Novozymes also received the award as a second prize winner for its enzyme technology for hand dishwashing detergents with Duo-Effect, removing fat, starch and burnt-in residues while keeping the sink clean, supporting this dishes and drain benefit with a highly convincing, strong visual demonstration, Henkel says.

DuPont won “Sustainability Award Laundry & Home Care 2017”

DuPont provided Henkel with a high-performance enzyme for best-in-class wash results in a broad range of detergents, Henkel says.

“DuPont’s innovative enzyme technology exhibits superior efficiency at comparably low dosage. This saves material, time and money and is a perfect example for sustainability contribution,” says Müller-Kirschbaum.

Second prize winners in this category were Sasol for a new raw material solution for efficient sourcing compatible with a broad product portfolio enabling efficient material management in Henkel’s production plants, as well as Evonik for a unique specialty ingredient for easy ironing that reduces wrinkles and ironing friction through the wash and by this reduces ironing effort, time and energy, Henkel says.

Novozymes is winner of “Best Supply Performance 2017” award

Henkel says key elements for outstanding supply performance are operational performance and best-in-class service combined with continued progress in risk management and supplier managed inventory.

“Novozymes pioneered in a joint transformation roadmap towards an interconnected supply chain,” says Thomas Holenia, corporate vice president of global purchasing, raw materials.

Second prize winners were Shell for excellent support during tight market situations and supply bottlenecks, Henkel says, and Stepan for its efforts to secure the supply of a complex portfolio with huge volumes