Harsh supplies hooklift trucks to UK waste firm

Harsh supplies hooklift trucks to UK waste firm

New hooklift trucks purchased by Martin Waste Management.

October 26, 2017
Waste Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Full Sutton, United Kingdom-based Harsh Ltd. says Martin Waste Management (MWM), based in Alfreton in the U.K., has been renewing its hook loader truck fleet by acquiring 13 new vehicles in the first nine months of 2017.

MWM, which Harsh describes as growing rapidly, has quickly grown to judge Harsh as “a truly outstanding supplier.”

“The equipment we ran previously just wasn’t good enough,” says Mark Faulconbridge, operations director at MWM. “As we were being let down by frequent product performance and support issues, it was clearly time to see what the other equipment suppliers had to offer. Last year’s RWM Show [in Birmingham, U.K.] provided the ideal opportunity for us to look at all the competitors and judge them against a strict set of criteria that we were looking for. “

Continues Faulconbridge, “From the outset, Harsh particularly impressed us with their highly personal ‘hands on, can do’ approach, so we stuck our toe in the water with them for an initial four vehicles.”

Harsh says it gained MWM’s confidence with its ability to meet MWM’s delivery timetable, which required these first vehicles to be on the road early in 2017. Harsh says it followed up on the delivery by supplying HARSH staff to present an onsite driver familiarization program to help ensure the trucks would be working optimally from the beginning.

“Vehicle performance of these first four trucks has been everything that we could ask for, with Harsh also doing everything that they said they would,” adds Faulconbridge. “There were no snags or issues at all. As a result, we were quite confident to order another four.”

Subsequently, MWM ordered yet four more Harsh hooklift trucks, to bring its 2017 total to 13.

Harsh says its HH26 hook loaders have been mounted on MWM’s preferred chassis and are built with “super-strong, low weight, high-tensile steel.” The Harsh loaders combine a 26-metric-ton lift capacity with a 52-degree tipping angle.

The HH26 can handle containers of up to 5790 millimeters (19 feet) in internal length. Product features include a low center of gravity Z frame chassis, hydraulically operated cams to securely lock containers, integration with Harsh’s ‘Hook n’ Go’ width-adjustable sheeting system, and what Harsh calls a “notable lack of complicated electronics and sensors.”

“We are obviously delighted that MWM has placed such significant trust in Harsh, not just to provide optimum products but also to deliver them to strict timetables and with comprehensive driver training and customer support as well,” says Adam Hargreaves, sales director at Harsh Limited.

Adds Hargreaves, “Being able to work closely with major customers and meet each and all of their particular requirements testifies to our professionalism and commitment to the waste handling industry.”

Mark Faulconbridge comments, “Our new Harsh hook loaders are delivering significantly improved performance, reliability and productivity. The whole package just really works, both for MWM and our clients. For us, Harsh is a truly outstanding supplier.”