FEFCO touts cardboard’s circular setup

FEFCO touts cardboard’s circular setup

European organisation says board packaging is ahead of circular economy goals.

March 23, 2017
RTGE Staff
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The Brussels-based European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) says it recently participated in “a high-level forum discussing the role of packaging in the circular economy,” in which a participant remarked that corrugated packaging already had formed “a perfect circular economy.”


The event was organised by Brussels-based EURACTIV with the support of FEFCO and attracted some 80 participants from EU authorities, nongovernmental organisations and industry, according to FEFCO.


Taking part in the panel discussion were:


  • Kestutis Sadauskas, director circular economy and green growth for the European Commission;
  • Davor Skrlec, a member of the European Parliament;
  • Edward Vernon, Environment Unit coordinator for the president of Malta;
  • Anke Schulmeister, a senior forest policy officer with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF); and
  • Stefano Rossi, CEO of London-based DS Smith Packaging.


This discussion followed a Mid-March 2017 European Parliament vote on the Waste Package, in which the Parliament backed a 70 percent recycling goal.


The forum gave FEFCO the opportunity to declare that recycling “is the best solution for paper and board.” Recycling should be valued, recognised and supported by national governments, the EU and non-governmental organisations, says the group. “Moreover, bio-based materials such as paper and board contribute to the economy, environment and society,” FEFCO adds in a postevent news release.


At the event, Stefano Rossi of DS Smith commented, “The perfect circular Economy already exists: corrugated packaging is already collected and recycled all over Europe. While corrugated packaging makes the best use of secondary raw materials, the increased need for a separate collection of paper and board is equally important because ‘We want every fibre back!’”


FEFCO says it also launched its “Circular by Nature” campaign at the event. More details on that initiative can be found here.