Colombian region tries to keep steel mill on track

Colombian region tries to keep steel mill on track

Officials in Barranquilla, Colombia, are negotiating with Mexico-based Deacero.

September 7, 2017
Recycling Today Staff

Negotiators from Barranquilla, Colombia, and the Colombian state of Atlántico say they are working to overcome obstacles so Mexico-based Deacero can build a steel mill in the region. Barranquilla is a port city of about 1.2 million people on the Atlantic Ocean coast of Colombia.

An online article by Barranquilla-based El Heraldo says two pro-business groups—ProBarranquilla and the Chamber of Commerce of Barranquilla—have “expressed their interest that the construction project of a steel mill in the district of Juan Mina can continue” and that “alternative solutions [can be] found for the inconveniences that have arisen.”

A joint statement by the two groups says the mayor of Barranquilla and the government of the state of Atlántico join them in saying “the problems presented can be solved in the shortest possible time.” The statement adds, “With the construction of this plant the city wins, the [state of Atlántico] wins and the company wins.”

Among the infrastructure spending that may need to take place are adding electrical towers and lines and widening a road.