CP Group introduces Auger Screen

CP Group introduces Auger Screen

The company says the screen is anti-wrapping and nonblinding.

April 12, 2018
Edited by DeAnne Toto
Equipment & Products Municipal/Kerbside/IC&I North America

CP Group, San Diego, has introduced the CP Auger Screen, which it describes as “the industry’s first true anti-wrapping, nonblinding screen for material recovery facilities (MRFs).”

The CP Auger Screen sizes material by using a series of cantilevered augers that do not wrap or jam because of their corkscrewing motion. Any material that could wrap, such as hoses or plastic film, is released from the end of the auger, the company says.

The screen’s augers are made from abrasion-resistant steel, offering durability and requiring little to no maintenance, CP says.

When placed in front of the presort, the CP Auger Screen dramatically decreases the volume on the presort. This decreases the number of manual sorters needed and increases sorter safety by removing the small hazardous fraction, according to the manufacturer. With decreased volume on the presort, manual sorters work more efficiently.

When used as a scalping machine, the CP Auger Screen fractionates the stream into an overs stream that measures more than 5 inches and an unders stream that measure smaller than 5 inches. Rigid materials are kept together, which aids in the recovery of OCC and chip, CP says.

Terry Schneider, president and CEO of CP Group, says, “This machine is unique compared to traditional disc screens. The cantilevered augers convey large flat materials over, while fines and flexible fiber go through to the unders, and the remainder goes to the side. What really sets it apart is that it does not wrap. The auger rotors act like a corkscrew, conveying any stringy materials over the side.” He adds, “There is a lot of interest in this machine for those reasons.”

CP says it has been developing the machine and running the prototype for more than a year at its facility in San Diego. The first three units are being installed in municipal solid waste (MSW) facilities this summer, and several more are sold and in production, according to the company.

The CP Auger Screen can be used in various applications, including MSW, single stream, construction and demolition (C&D) and commercial and industrial. The largest model can handle 35 tons per hour of inbound single-stream material, 60 tons per hour of commercial material and 80 tons per hour of C&D material.

The CP Group will display the CP Auger Screen at WasteExpo in Las Vegas this April 24 to 26 at Booth No. 2336. WasteExpo conference programming and special events run from April 23 to 26.